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I work in collaboration with a huge array of artists across disciplines, in co-creation and curatorial settings. I’m interested in unravelling the divisions of genre and showing work that sits at the intersection of music, visual art, dance and theatre. My work tends to be driven by concepts and ideas, and I hope this serves as an invitation for people to experience it on their own terms. I curate the public programme at the Howard Assembly Room in Leeds, putting together a varied programme of music, spoken word and film.

The gallery images are of artwork I commissioned as part of my debut narrative album, 'Friends With Monsters', and the public exhibition/ performance of the work. It features the work of Steph Dutton, Luca Shaw, Sarah Wilson and Becky Mcgillivray. Below is a trailer of R&D from an ongoing cross-disciplinary project with I M Pact Dance company, 'Travels Backwards'.

~ Friends with Monsters Artwork  & Exhibition ~

~ Travels Backwards R&D Trailer ~

'Travels Backwards' R&D
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