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nishla smith voice, songs

aaron wood trumpet

richard jones piano

joshua cavanagh-brierley bass

Johnny hunter drums

"Nishla’s original songs have a delicate, quirky but deceptively simple air about them – she has a quietly commanding presence and a relaxed but assured delivery that wins over audiences instantly. her often dreamy and melancholic aura is offset with her energetic and imaginative band of Manchester’s finest young contemporary improvisers."

Jazz North

"The quintet is made up of younger Manchester scene stalwarts. Accomplished bandleaders in their own right, they responsively but respectfully inhabit the darksome burn of Nishla’s world. The scintillating piano inventions of Richard Jones were rich but never cluttered. Trumpeter Aaron Wood’s burnished tone was deployed judiciously with melodic clarity and poise. Bassist Josh Cavanagh-Brierley is respectfully authoritative alongside the drumming of Johnny Hunter, which is detailed without being distracting."

London Jazz News