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"Nishla's original ballads sound like standards.

with a skewed, haunted quality" Opera North

Maudlin moments shoulder ecstatic reveries." LJN

"The silenced room said it all."

Bebop Spoken Here.

Nishla is an artist driven by a desire to tell stories. Her unique musical sensibility, along with this preoccupation with narrative is recurrent throughout a diverse array of musical projects. She's recently made work for Opera North, Lancaster Jazz Festival and Manchester Collective.

"Nishla creates vivid, enigmatic stories through

sound, her voice stretching from melancholic sweetness through

to dark intimacy." Whirlwind Recordings

"Classic songwriting worthy of the Great American Songbook,suffused

 "She creates a darkly gorgeous interior sonic world."

Downbeat, USA

"Her voice is exquisite,

a symbol of unreachable beauty." The Guardian

Nishla is part of Serious Music's current Take Five cohort and the recipient of a Development Award through the Peter Whittingham Jazz Awards for 2022. She is one third of cross disciplinary arts collective Ulita, and leads an original jazz band, the Nishla Smith Quintet, who released a debut album last Autumn on Whirlwind Recordings. She spent this spring playing a bird in Atri Banerjee's acclaimed production of 'Kes', for which she won a UK Theatre Award for 'Best Supporting Performer.'She's recently broken ground on a new interdisciplinary project: 'Travels Backwards', a collaboration with Manchester dance company I M Pact supported by Help Musicians' Creative Collaboration fund.


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